FotbalPark Praha

The first Prague footballgolf course is situated in Jižní Město next to Milíčovský les. It is outlined for all categories from children and adults to pensioners; pets and mothers with prams are also allowed. Suitable outfit is only up to you. Entry is not allowed to people in cleats - you can wear turf shoes, indoor trainers, tennis shoes and any other shoes without cleats. There is cloakroom, bathroom and elementary snacks available in the clubhouse. 


Nearest tournaments on the course

07. 06. 2020Český klíč Open VII. 2020

Last news

30. 05. 2020


FGK SLAVIA PRHA Slávisti ovládli 1. Ligový turnaj CFGL
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07. 04. 2020

Upravili jsme kalendář ligy CFGL!

Díky opatření jsme upravili kalendář ČFGL 2020! Budeme dále sledovat opatření a je možné, že tento kalendář není definitivní...
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